Where Got Ghost?

by - 11:11 PM

Ratings: 7/10 popcorns(:

The entire movie consists of three different stories, Roadside Got Ghost, House Got Ghost, Forest Got Ghost. The short segment of House Got Ghost is a continuation from his earlier movie, Money No Enough II.

I think it's quite funny. The first story, I got a feeling that it was being filmed at Punggol there when there's LRT. Lol! It was quite funny when the guy stand at the road and didn't get car bang. Then one car came flying out of the LRT track and down and BANG crash down him. Lol!

The effects can know is fake, but it's stupidly fake that makes me laugh. Some parts are just lame, but people keep laughing. LOL.

The last story was quite touching instead of horror. Haha. Quite meaningful, but overall this movie, we can conclude somethings.
  • Don't take unknown oranges.
  • Don't anyhow buy 4D.
  • Don't stand near/under LRT tracks.
  • Don't wander around jungles.
  • Listen to your officers (for guys)
  • Don't take SHORTCUT.
  • Don't anyhow say things.
  • Don't anyhow send your passed away parents or whoever to the temple far away without knowing how they feel. Haha.

I think that's all. The rest are just bull shit for you to LOL at. HAHA! I think Jack Neo is very clever to check when to release his movie.

Oh. And don't peek at girls bathing. LOL! HAHAHAHA!

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