Greatest Moments!

by - 3:05 AM

Yesterday went to school SUPER early! Monday suppose to go school late late, but I woke up about 5.41AM when Cassandra sms-ed me and morning-called me. Thanks! ♥ Lol!

Then rush here and there. Bathed and make my hair straight straight then when to Rivervale Plaza's Mac to find Cassandra and Brendon. I was late. So sorry! Had to waste their money to take cab there. I saw May in LRT too!

Then went to school and had my Mac in the hall. Then rush abit for Mrs Hwee's report book and make the stupid 15sec slides in 15mins time. (Make me spent the whole night making and in the end nothing!!) Stupid! The rest of them make more than 15sec, only mine 22sec, the shortest. Damn it!

Oh.. Then went practice practice the dance steps. Then time fly too fast. Lower sec were there and we performed for them.. I heard my name.. Superman said she didn't shout my name.. LOL! Umms.. ^.-

Then went down to drink and rest awhile. Then Cassandra and Chanel gone. We can't contact them. Then awhile they came back. LOL!

Upper sec took a long time to settle down. HAHA! Then we waited for our turn.. Got alot more cheers from the upper sec, but they made me almost forget the steps! HAHA!

Winona said it was not bad.. Okay. HAHA! Wee~! Enjoyed myself yesterday. Then we cheered for Mrs Hwee when she got her award. HAHA!


After the event, we sat down, together with Mrs Hwee, and decided to go out together! Haha! Then decided to go watch movie. Chanel wanted to watch Where Got Ghost, but I watched already. So in the end went to DBG, I accompany them untill outside the theater hall, then I went down to Zone X to play the new JuBeat! HAHA! So many people there spamming JuBeat.

Then played awhile, go sat outside and played XT's PSP. LOL! Thankyou XT! ♥

Then Brendon sms-ed me to say they watched finish. I rushed up, but sadly Mrs Hwee needa go home to see her mother-in-law, so Cassandra left with her. Then when to the lan next to zone x, quite cheap, $2/hour to play Audi with Brendon, XT, SY, XY. LOL!

Then XY need to go home, so Chanel go home with her. XT and Brendon went up to Kopitam makan! HAHA!

Then we went home. I buy ppc already! WOW! Yeahs! People can sms me and I CAN REPLY LE!! SPAM ME SMSES! THANKYOU! ♥

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