LAN! AUDI play play play!

by - 4:16 AM

Yesterday went out with XT to lan @ DBG again. Audi-ed with XT and Superman. Found two dumb people just not happy with me in audi. LOL! That's quite lame. Then one of them still say my superman. Good thing XT go scold her. HAHA! XT very 'ah lian' in audi WORH! LOL! We just keep 'worhing' yesterday. HAHA! Then Superman went offline as her house black out and was told that her brother yelled like fuck. LOL!

Then continued to play till 9.30PM. Meiyi joined us too! ^o^ Haha, darn it! My fingers can't really move that fast already. XT said cause I five days didn't play audi, that's why. LOL, I think I'll get more noob again cause EOY is coming in a few weeks time. So I gotta go study right? But I still can't find time. I really need HELP in my studies. Badly. I can't believe that I failed so many subjects.. Forget it. I'm gonna get retain!! WHY!??! Something is NOT right.

And yeah, grats XT to FINALLY level up in lan WORH! LOL! it!

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