LAN! AUDI play play play!

by - 10:21 AM

Photo Of The Day!

Went to DBG today. I mean yesterday. LOL! Late for a hour! So sorry! D: LOL! Umms.. Went to lan wanna play audi, but too many people. Then went up to star factory play jubeat. Cause Zone X too many people le! D: LOL! Then played halfway the people called said have seats le, but we still playing, so too bad. HA!

So we went to eat at Just Acia or what is that name again? LOL! Eaten two times already still can't remember the name. HAHA! Then went to lan play audi le! Joined SotSotFam! LOL! Thanks XT! :D

Then went home around 10plus D: Brendon, you owe me alot of money already. If I can't buy cos not enough money for tailor later, you DIE! D:

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