Long Craps!

by - 9:05 AM

Let the pictures do the talking..

Went to Hougang Mall
Mosaic my face, cause I'm fugly buang. But still can see me. Gosh!
Went sch night study.
Looked like someone we know(:
Talented art by JeslynTehButtHole! LOL!

Sat went Hougang Mall, wanted to study, in the end Brendon don't want do cause no mood do. LOL! Craps.Then meet XT up and play lan afterwards.

Sunday went meet XT up go J-cube play lan. Brendon come at evening time. $11 byebye. Went home at 10PM. Just nice, curfew! LOL!

Monday, went for night self study in which Mr Tan doesn't allow Sec Three to attend. Said we keep playing and talking? LOL! Die. At home can't do homework one me. Prepare to die!

Rights, gotta go finish my English homework. See ya!

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