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School starts again. Sad! Why only got a day holiday? So sucky! But sep holiday is coming and I'm saving it for History and Cosplay. LOL! Umms.. Gotta order the wig and cos asap, but c.c kids, are you open?! LOL!

Today no Choir, so went to Compass with Brendon meimei, XYs meimei and Sister XueTing :D LOL! Then went eat at Mac. I eat mee sua in Mac. LOL! Funny when XinYing and Brendon laughed non stop for 5mins! LOL! Then went up to Minitoons buy sweets and shopshop at Action City. Haha! We stayed there for so long then went to 77th street awhile and go to handphone shop to play iphone's cooking mama. LOL! Brendon, you still haven't send me cooking mama yet! Damn you! HAHA!

I wanna buy a new phone, but I don't know what to buy. Any idea? Lol! Just comment and shout out the models! LOL! I wanna try sony cause I'm always using Nokia. And no samsung, thankyou. Two samsung phones spoilted at my hand cause of keypad. LOL! Useless! LG? But if next time wanna sell away like zero value already. But I like the LG joy! Or cookie is nice! Crystal is not my type. Haha! Although it's chio. Umms.. But then.. Sony one also not bad what?!? ): I have totally no idea.

I'm so hungry now. I'll stop here and go do my homework. No one is at home and I lazy go cook noodles, later burn my fingers and fingers' hair again! D: LOL! Sayorana!

P/S I'm back into Korean songs craze, Big Bang duh, WG duh. And Epik High! LOL! Raps are cool! I like one minute and one second's MV! So cool man! :D

Photo Of The Day

And to that somebody, you suck so much, I don't need your bloody comment. You think you can sing so big deal? No one cares about you, go dig a hole and hid inside. Bye!{:

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