Two Days!

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Yesterday went out with candyfloss~♥ LOL! She came SengKang find me, thankyooo girl~ Yeps, then we went to Boonlay, quite fast actually. Then on our way we talked about cosplays and stuffs and we find out some shocking stuffs too! ;D

Then reached boonlay around 4.30PM already D: Then we went to walk walk around the shopping mall. Then went to wait for Max to come around 5PM. He was late for 45mins. HAHA! Then we went to eat at ljs. Candyfloss eating very cute laa. LOL!

Then went to find tailor at her house. Then we found out that candyfloss already know the tailor! HAHA! Then we took awhile to explain and get the cos details to her and stuffs. Then we paid deposite. Haha! Hope can make it in time for AFA! :D So looking forward to that day! But on AFA have to worry Candyfloss! D: Cause she have to come my house morning, super early, to get wig and cos done and most important! Make-up! Yay! Haha! My candyfloss very poor thing! Dx

Then we went home. Wahh! Whole day with candyfloss so fun! Haha! Then we saw Candyfloss de friends. Haha! Next sat and friday maybe going out with her again! Yay! So long didn't touch cosplay again! Must go find all my lost stuffs! Where's my Lenalee cos, shoes and bangles and more?!? LOL! I've no idea where my mum keep them till! D: Gotta go find and keep them all nice nice! ^^ Heh heh!

Opps! Yesterday forgot to camwhore!! Sad! ): On the way home then I remembered! D: LOL! Nevermind, still got next time! Haha!

And that's for yesterday...


Went to school early in the morning, although it's already sep holiday. Mr Tan is so mean! *cries* I spot this on my way home. HAHA! I just to blur the back views of their faces, but I think you can still who they right? D: I think their twin bags is super cute can? For guys, that's why! :D

And yeahs, went home and bath, plurk and went out to meet XinYing meimei, Xinyi meimei, Sister XT, Dognovan and Brendon meimei(!). Haha! Then went to eat at seoul garden located at E!hud. Haha! Yummy! But it's damn expensive alrights!! LOL! *faints*

Then me, XinYing and XT try to cook food for Brendon they all. HAHA! Then they scare and don't dare to eat! D: SO MEAN! HAHA!

And yeahs, I let you all guess, the second last pic, what are we cooking? If you got correct, I'll give you SOMETHING! :D It's not con, HAHA! Hints, we told Brendon they all is fishcak *grins*

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germaine:DD: Haha! I want! But that one quite lag! D: Plus I don't know if I wanna buy sony or LG! *cries*
Nona: Lol! That was my superboy :D
Lester--: laughs?
germaine:DD: Haha! Thanks ALOT CANDYFLOSS! I♥YOU! ^^

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