by - 2:55 AM

It's been awhile since the last time I really blogged. And you guess what? I became a guai kia!

Yoh! Sup toots! :D

Nahh. Just kidding. I become a CHAO AH LIAN AND GO DYE MY HAIR PINK! And there it goes.. CCBLJKPKB$%#%*^%$#&*...

.... LOL! I was just kidding.. AGAIN! LOL! Well, stupid computer is back and I thank you very much, wasted all my money on lan(although I enjoy it!) but it's still wasting my cosplay money!!! But my computer also no audi and I fulgy don't know how to download audi.. actually no. There's something wrong with the file, not only me can't play. ALOT PEOPLE CAN'T PLAY :D

So.. too bad, have to rely on lan, plus guess what? I'm a good girl, I bring home my bio textbook and bio tys home! I'm so good, am I not? :D Ms Teo asked me to drop bio, I don't care and I don't want to. HAHA! (although I HATE HATE FHATE that subject ALOT) Cause I don't wanna go to 3B D: -'-

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