A day at lan

by - 5:37 AM


Thursday, after exams went to mac with XT and Brendon. Then they wanna go lan. But I insisted that I've to study and we meeting people to teach us POA for Friday. In the end, I think is XT, came out of the idea of writing, "GO HOME" and "GO LAN" and made into balls and we choose. I picked go home! But in the end we wasted alot of time, and I gave up, go lan with them. Haha! Then play awhile, reaching nine that we began to study POA. But after awhile XT went home. Me and Brendon went to RM to eat. The food is expensive. Haha!

Friday. Last paper. We as POA students, very funny. The first thing we asked each other after exam is... "OI, CAN BALANCE OR NOT?!" Lol! As for me, both question cannot. Then we waited for Brendon's oral but in the end gave up and went home.

I bring to school my grumpy. Haha! People kept looking at me. Noo! Haha! Then went home to get changed. But then I accidentally fall asleep. For four minutes. Lol! The song One by Epik High woke me up. XT said she loved that song cause it woke me up. Lol!

Then went to Jcube with Amanda, XT and Brendon. Sorry to make you guys wait. Then went there already no seats. Then in the end bobian, take the speakers place. Then it made pissed us all off cause it's too noisy. After that when we decided to go Amanda's dad's lan to play, we saw in front have three seats for us. Then we hurry change it. Haha! Lucky day! Then we just played luh.

Joey joined us shortly. And Ben too. Yi Lin don't know went where. Then when we were leaving she popped out saying she wanna play. So I let her play last round. Haha! Then we saw something funny! I think only we all know, but I pity the keyboard, esp the Ctrl. LOL!

Then Brendon insisted of playing ballroom, so we play luh. Then I win two rounds and they made me wear the freaking ugly dress. Noooo!

Oh.. Brendon coupled with Joey already. Congrats! Lol!

Today stayed at home, very bored. Plus with my computer being snatched away by my sister, so boring. Watched the whole afternoon of TV. I wondered how can I survive without computer. Lol!

P/S Tomorrow going to play audi again with XT. Brendon said he can't come. Too bad for him. Tormorrow Superman might be ponning work, so I can play with superman! Yeah! Cpl Cpl Cpl~ Lol oO I sound like Joey, DESPO JOEY! LOL! Teehee. No lah, see if Superman and me got money buy ppc not. If not, then.. lalala~ T.T

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