Fatigueeeee :X

by - 5:56 AM

Today is just like a normal school day. Nothing to really talked about. And yeahs, after school had remedial. But I didn't went to attend Violet's one. Haha! I went to 3b's one with Joey. Danial was like plazzued why I attend his remedial. Lol! Then went home and reached around seven.

Tomorrow gotta stay back again for remedials. This week is totally booked. I don't wanna go out to slack this week. I saved Wed, Thu and Fri to STUDY! Friday is to go TEMPLE to study. In fact, I found out that if I don't study, I can totally forget the idea of going to sec four next year. I'm so unprepare for this, how can I be prepare for next year's o levels, right?

Alrights, I gotta go wash my pimple face and see if I can find any fiffty cent coins to draw circles. I'll fill up the properties tomorrow! I'm damn tired can?

Oh yeahs! I paid class fund today and I'm broke! TOTALLY! GOSH! Don't intent to pay for overdue ones again, unless I go take from my mum. And right, after exam the class intent to book a chalet. I guess if my result is good then I can go. If I retain, I guess my mum won't let me go out anywhere. That's why! Gotta study! And now my current plan for this week is to por all the teachers and good results or normal results students. Those results like mine wanna study with me, you can forget it. HAHA! Opps! I sound so mean! LOL!

Well, there there~ Gotta blast!~

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