I've nothing to say

by - 9:58 PM

Current aims and a must do

  • Get a part time job.
    Interview later at Iluma tea dot, signed up pepper plus, six o'clock going to sk swimming pool there interview too.
  • Study my bio for my bio test next Friday.
  • Get my props and shoes done and collect my cos with candyfloss.
  • Must stop using fb, now only focus on mw and fv then log out already. I can do it!
  • Get Superman something Done .
  • Save up money.
  • Get a audi file into my comp!!

Nothing, that's all right now for me to stress and worry.

My mum and sister is currently in school talking to Mrs Hwee. I think I'll get a hell out from them later. Yep, and I'm going to Iluma soon. Gotta go prepare. Ciao!

p/s I just dreamed that I got brain cancer. ROFL. Gotta ask my mum take me to do a check up soon.

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