Irritation calls

by - 5:27 AM

I'm in a depressed mode right now. Found that I'm not hungry for the first time. My results sucks. Already very pissed off and sad, still this baka still say me. Never mind, I don't care about him.

Oh yeahs, my sister had locked my computer. So I can either go lan use or using some other ways. Totally spoilt my mood even more. And yep, Mrs Hwee called my house today. My elder sister is meeting her this Friday. And my second sister said she is skinning me alive today, or on Friday. Hopefully I can force myself to sleep before she comes back. Stupid, one call from teacher, next moment everyone in the family knows about it. Irritating.

Even the bloody Ris Low video doesn't make me laugh. Argh! At least I got promoted, but on the other hand, I got to work extra harder than before. People who retain at least can have slower pace then me since they are going to take one more year to build back their foundation.

But on second thoughts, if I next year o levels fail, meaning I can't even get to an ite, does that mean I can retake my o levels again?

I don't wish to think already. Hungry, and no appetite. But still, I'm so going force myself to eat. Not going to starve myself anyway since my mum FINALLY cook dinner once in a lifetime.

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