by - 7:54 AM

Maths! Need help badly. Oh wells. My maths is worst than sec two students. Really. Cause I don't bloody know how to read or plot a freaking graph. Kthxbai. Why do I keep like to use this word? Cause whenever I thought of going to retain, I've this word in my head. Great.

Told my mum about this, she thought I was kidding. Nevermind. Thanks anyways for Fionna and Sinyi for letting me go your house and study POA. And thanks XT for teaching me Physic although I guess I'll lose to your 'own' bet. So I've to treat you eat Ajisen. HAHA! Retaining for sure. This is the very first time I had the retain feeling. Stress and pressure on me. Well, say no more! Going to bath and get started although now is 11PM. Mr Ong once said, practice more and sleep early. I must do ALOT and FAST, so that I can rest well for tomorrow POA and Maths Exam. Theory, doomed! GOD! POA is depending on my paper two. Maths have to.. Oh.. STFU! GO STUDY!!!! Kthxbai.

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