Long day pl0x!

by - 6:13 AM

Today had SS exam.. Will talked about it later.. Now.. After school, went to Compass with Joey to meet Brendon. Then went to the library to slack. Saw this, kinda reminds me of Ming Zhong Zhu Ding. Haha!

Then went to temple. Thanks for accompany me. XT can't go out cause her mum at home. Then on the way to temple saw Yi Sheng. He joined us. Then slacked at temple. Haha! Suppose to be like a detention there, but we were like singing and playing music there.

On the way to the temple, I saw this little birdy. At first I thought it was injured. Then YiSheng said it might be going to give birth. Haha! Then we heard that all the birdys here, most of them got poisen! OMG! Hurried go washed hands! Haha!

Haha! Took a pic with little birdy. It's still alive okay! Yi Sheng can't pick up, but I can! I'm pro!
Then in the temple, got an aunti asked us to help take care her baby for awhile. LOL! We played with the baby. So cute can!! LOL! Camshy pl0x! :D
Then went to Rivervale Mall while Yi Sheng went home. Went to Daiso AGAIN. WTH, keep going there, bored! Then camwhore with nerd spec. Rofl.

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