Mooncake Festival!

by - 9:43 PM

Found that I missed out this photo on Friday's post.

Sat went out with Brendon and Joey to DBG to play lan. XT joined us shortly. But she needa meet -toot- to catch a movie on meatballs. LOL!

Then we slacked in ljs till five then we went lan play. Lol! Sleeping........... D: Then at 8PM we off lan to go to Seng Kang Park there. Burn park! We built heart shape with candles too! Then we took Brenson's fire crackers and play. Then I thought fire carcker is something we can eat. LOL! It's prawn crackers!! Confuesd. Then Donovan came to look for us.

See!! My phone cam quality is so lousy can! I must FORCE my mum to get me a cam on my birthday which i still months away. That means I have to continue to suffer with this nonsense phone! And its cam.
Then had a useless heart to heart session for the laugh only. And I forgot to add, my slippers spoilted. AGAIN! Everytime go out with Joey my slipper will spoilt! Damn it! LOL! Then I keep hopping around like a fool -.-
But thanks Joey for the ride home. Overcharged of 90cents but good thing that taxi uncle is a nice man! LOL

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