Trip with class!

by - 4:14 AM

Today was SUPER tiring! Lol! Class outing made me tan and hopefully can heal it back to normal before AFA comes! D:

We went three places in all. First one is SUPER boring. We didn't even do a thing there. Second one was worst. Apart from the horrible weather, the person in charge has way horrible attitude. Keep saying things that can irritate us as worst as the weather does. Stupid!

And the food was not that tasteful at all. Chanel said she just wasted her time and money there, eating such horrible food. I won't eat it if I'm not hungry. I ate like a hungry ghost cause my mum didn't make breakfast for me. Bloody. Lol!

Then the last place was way much fun! We meet nice people and fun actitivies! We even got our videos on! Lol! Wasted that can't heard what we were trying to yell ><>

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