Welcome to hell :)

by - 8:41 AM

So fuck up. Lol! Yeahs, here are somethings that you might have missed out:

  • I can't work anymore.
  • Mr Tan, yes him, is bring me to ite thingy, like those open house thingy when we had for primary school to go secondary schools and is to ite. Well, that's to what my sisters both said.
  • I'm banned to go out. Not really, but in exchange for good results, I gotta pay off by hard work right?
  • My sisters let me choose between both
    - This holiday continue to play a fool and go out with friends, or
    - Study real hard and see what is going to happen to me next year.
  • Have not decided yet, but I think if I choose 2nd one, I'll gonna have to break off all the contacts with friends, meaning no computer too. Hell yes!!
  • They're going to get a tutor for me if I want to study. Hopefully is POA. Or Physic. Or Maths.
  • I'm getting a tough life down here.
  • And yes, I gotta give up on my work. AND START STUDYING!
  • Which IS study. NO DAY DREAM. Which I'm always doing -.-
  • And, hopefully can bloody train my discipline too. WTF?!
  • I wonder if I can go cosplay this EOY and AFA. I need to collect my cos, but I CAN'T GO OUT!!! :'(

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