One year has passed

by - 2:01 AM

I just got home from school. Been doing the stupid english homework for hours. Haha! Let see, two and half hours? That's crazy, I know. I'm slow, can't blame.

Today's english lesson was alright. Chinese was quick and easy. Yeah! Then Superman fly to school with my lunch, which make me feel so guilty, and accompany me do homework. In the end can't take it, good thing she passed me her phone go online check the meanings. Ha! But still, felt so guilty for using her internet on phone which is super expensive. And I'm just a poor church mouse. Ha! Familar phrase from Luke Tan.

Now the time is 6.08PM and stupid Superman is not replying my sms. I was about to help that 'someone' make blog, but didn't get a reply. Oh wells~ Next time then! D:

And I say, this year pass too fast. I can still vividly remembered last year 2b's farewell. Most people cried and we even blog about it and talk about friends. Wanted to do something liddat, but don't have the time and no photos for me to post. Argh!

And I shall go sleep now! Toodles!

Yay, replied already. Going to help make blog already! See ya!

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