Out to boonlay! :D

by - 8:01 PM

Yesterday went out with Candyfloss ♥ to find tailor. Haha. Sorry for being soooo late! Then we go find tailor and she helped us change the fittings and stuffs. Told us Thursday to collect again. So Thursday is kinda very rush for me. Tuition, collect cos and wigs. OMG! Rofl.

Then we went to boonlay to eat dinner. Haha. And ate Ajisen :D We always go out and eat ajisen. Haha. Anyways, thanks for the treat! Love candyfloss! :D

Good thing I left extra ten bucks. Cause I went out of the green line to go toilet and found that my sister's bus card had no more value. Sway! Haha! All because I lost my card. Last friday when I go lan and went home still have. That was the last day I went out. Saturday I didn't even go out. But the card is no where to be found.Why?!

And yup, now kinda VERY CHIONG for AFA. Need to make prop which I have no idea how to make. And stockings!!! And I haven't asked my sister if she have time on Saturday morning to help me make up. Shit! *faints*

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