Painful, yet normal

by - 5:30 AM

Yay! Biology paper is officially over! I know I'm bound to fail this paper, but at least one thing I can now do is to... do my english summary!! Wth?! I still haven't finish it. Tomorrow morning by 10AM have to be submitted! That's crazy!

Just now in the morning when I haven't take the bloody test, I keep very nervous. Tried to ask Ms Teo to let me take next week, but she don't let. Fine. Bound to fail. Fail. Fail! Yeahs.

Stomach pain now. Anyways..

Continue, then I was sms-ing Superman{♥}, I have no idea should I just zhao right after school or just take the bloody test and flunk it. Then my heart gives me a very weird feeling. Can't really know how to say it out. Painful yet weird.. Then finally, I just face the music and just take the bloody test she saw and and rejected my little request to take next week. Bloody hell.

Then went to take the test, ended around four. And I haven't finish it! WTF!? Who cares, then do english homework, which I still left one summary tomorrow hand in.

Now very tired, don't even want to watch momo love or ko3 right now. Feel like sleeping. Ha! I'm becoming into a pig, like SOMEONE! ;D

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