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Went to watch 2012 yesterday with XT and Brendon. It's super nice!! Really! I'm kind of sadist when I laugh at those people falling over like lego. Keke. The storyline, effects and all were all good. It's like Noah's ark to me, I guess. And the main character is SHUAI! Hahaha! Did he really wrote that book? :D It's a pity that the stupid guy didn't die. The guy who took over and in charge all of them. Damn arse hole can! Ha! And lucky that fat arse of the twin died. Can't stand him too. But at least the sons can live. I only pity the pretty girl who died last part. She was drown can! She saved the little girl and she was trapped! God! :'( Poor thing. Gordan died too. Wow. I thought he will live. And that guy is CUTE!! The son, the son!! OMG!! ♥

Ha, I guess I leaked out a lot of information already :X Opps! Go watch! And Charlie was a madness. Lol.

Ratings, 10/10 Although after I know the story was like Noah's ark, a bit bored by knowing what's happening, but it's still great! Haha!

Went Iluma's lan and play. Air con damn cold can? I was shaking like a fool there. Even Brendon, who was wearing a hoodie, said it was cold. And me who wasn't wearing a hoodie? Then was chatting with Flora. Haha! She kept insist that 2012 is fake. I keep insisted soon we will meet this! OMG! Haha!

But one thing I learn about was that the cruelty of the people :'( No money = No where .
They gotta buy tickets to go into the ark. And those people who can't afford it, will die. And duh, people like me, so NOT rich.. Okay, it's poor! Rofl! ... will not for sure to get a ticket and get on board. Unless I climbed in like them? o.O


p/s yesterday was yet another sway day for me.
p/s/s thanks Aya too! But still very curious about something :D

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