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It's blogging time! :D

Went to work same time, arrive earlier than boss. Huat zai again! Then watch hi my sweetheart during work. Uh, I am not slacking, alrights! It's just no one was there, so we are resting. When Brendon was around those days, me and Xinyi kept talking non stop. Haha! All her stories told and we chat for hours non stop. Quite fun actually, you can to have pay and I don't wanna stop working. Next year, I'm gonna work here again. For sure! :D

School reopening soon. One of the time I hate and long for another holiday after another year was unbearable. Mother was nagging at me whole day from 2nd week till now. Asking me to do homework. Yeahs I know I am slacking like hell. But I at least tried to do homework right? English homework handed up. Essays are one of the stuffs that's worrying me. Suppose to hand in on the 20Dec, look at the date now. I'm doomed!

Yeahs, I'm panicking. Better stop thinking of it. Good thing tomorrow do not have work. Hopefully I can hurry finish my essays. But I know myself well. I am gonna drag till evening or night then do. Cause I bet even if I on my computer, I'll be tweeting; plurking; msn-ing; watching dramas or audi. Great! I gotta buck up. And yep, I'm doomed in POA. I didn't even get the papers that Mdm Sherin gave. I was absent that day. Just my luck. Brendon wasn't in school that day too. Xinyi lost her paper. I wondered who can I approach to.

Okay, back to topic. I went home around 2.30PM after having lunch with Brendon in Compass Point Kopitam. I saw stupid Sherlyn Tee :) Make fun of me again uh! So mean! Whack you! Haha. Then went home and audi-ed with XT and Wanyi. My mum scolded me for not doing my homework and keep playing games.

My computer is now lagging like hell cause I've stupid audi in my computer. Grats me! ): Then went to my house void deck to find Joey and Brendon around 5.30PM. Supposing to find them at 3.30PM but my mum don't let me out. I took the chance to said that I'm going to do homework with Brendon only and she left me out. Huat uh!

But in the end still went Compass Point although my mum don't let me go. Joey said she wanna pee. Should have let her pee-ed in her pants. Opps! LOL. Then stopped for quite a long time cause level one have Wonder Girls on TV and Big Bang too! Then we kept yelling. I mean I kept yelling 'GD! GD! Oh my god! He's so cute!'. Joey was like ' TOP! TOP! TOP SHUAI!'. The person kept looking at us. Make me so paiseh. But in the end we walked away to the library. For awhile, Joey said she need to leave already and it was already like 7.26PM or so. So I went home and slacked till 10PM then use computer. I'm although sick of this life like so dead, but I also envy it cause I know I'll never get this life back again when school reopen. And it sucks big time.

Okay, talk alot. Now is time for pictures!

On a happy tone, here's some new words that you can learn! But don't ever use it in front of your English teacher before you get stared by them :)

BOOMZ - adjective
DEFINITION: A loud and extravagant sound / impact / statement in a positive manner

Example 1: This T shirt here is super boomz.
Example 2: This handsome guy is very boomz.

Shingz - adjective
DEFINITION: The total opposite for Boomz and a new word for 'get lost'.

Example 1: Wow! Look at that! The outfit the fat angmoh lady is wearing is totally shingz.
Example 2: Shingz off! I am trying to concentrate on my work here.

Niffy Bitty - adjective
DEFINITION: Little / small / something cute and tiny

Example 1: I am back to hugging my niffy bitty Hello Kitty soft toy.
Example 2: Look at that niffy bitty bit of paper. How to see?

Sushimi - noun
DEFINITION: Sashimi and sushi combined

Example 1: I think the sushimi in this restaurant is very boomz.
Example 2: I love raw sushimi.

Ka pow - verb
DEFINITION: to punch

Example 1: Come near me and I would ka pow you right in the middle of your face.
Example 2: I got ka powed by a group of gangsters just now.

Frienemy - noun
DEFINITION: Friends and enemies combined.

Example 1: She is my frienemy. I love and hate her.
Example 2: Frienemies are meant to be hugged and hanged.

Buang - verb
DEINFITION: Cannot make it one or accident

Example 1: Wa lao! Look at her face. Super buang.
Example 2: My car just got buanged.

Urg - interjection (used as an exclamation expressing sudden pain or dismay.)
DEFINITION: The sound of vomit and to say the woman is very buang.

Example 1: Urg! Look at that fatty over there in the bikini.
Example 2: I just feel like urgging. Don't know why also.

Credit this to SG.MSN

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