EOY amuuu~! ♥

by - 4:07 AM

Saturday went out with Fiona, Brendon and XT. Morning went meet up with Nanaz as she acconpany me to work. Halfway during work, I keep MIA cause I trying to put make up and lens into my bloodly hard to get in eyes. Haha. Thanks Nanaz for the make up and Brendon for the lens :)

Then went meet up with XT and ate at pizzahut. Went rot and busy inside disabled toilet for hours to get my make up and wig done and cab down to EOY @ NBL.

Only managed to get there around 4pm plus. Event going to over. Damn late can. But still, photos were taken by some photographers and I got Peiqi, who was Ikuto that day for a mini 5mins private shoot before Vader run away to another shoot. Haha, busy man can.

Then went to Sakae to eat. We took paper and pen to wrote down what we wanna eat and see which one wins. LOL. Stupid but expensive way. $99!! Grats us.

Then went cab home as it was getting quite late and Nanaz needa rushed home.
That's for Saturday.

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