Math kills -.-

by - 6:00 AM

Went to work today. After work went Compass to settle lunch with Brendon and Xinyi. Then Brendon need rush home to meet his mum for movie. Xinyi and I went around Best Denki and GamesDotCom and stared at l4d for awhile then she went home. Haha.

I stayed in Compass cause Nanaz phoned me that she going studying with Eugene. Haha. Went find them at pizzahut and went up to popular cause Nanaz lost her pencil case. Grats! :'(

Then went to Sinyi's void deck there to study and was joined by Sinyi later. Nice pretty phone! LG chocolate! Omgz! Then Flora came to find us without bringing MathsTB, haha!

Done a few questions of maths only. I just found out I don't even know how to do all of them. Thanks to Eugene and Nanaz for teaching me :'( I'm doomed next year! Mr Ong is sure gonna operate like speed bullet and I'm sure I'll be lagging behind. So hoping to chiong finish all my dramas by this few days and do my SS and maths! If not... *bangs!*

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