Merry Xmas!

by - 10:14 AM

Merry X`mas! ・・・・・[・N・・・X・}・X! メリークリスマス! merry kurisumasu! Hohoho!

X'mas eve still got work till noon. Late work for an hour cause stupid rain no stop, stuck outside school and back gate not open. God damnit. Lol. Then off noon went to Compass find Anna cause she in Compass waiting for friend. Haha.

Then went to thefaceshop to ask around about make up stuffs. Then went to eat after she leave. Kopitam see Brendon eat ban mian. Haha. Then Daniel went to find us. Nanaz sms-ed me that she just woke up(nice one! (Y) ) Then went to mac see Brendon eat ice cream and waited for her. Saw Sinyi with her printing maths paper. Omgz! My paper still with you nanaz! LOL. Then went to KFC to sort out papers while Sinyi left.

Then chitchat awhile, went up to thefacebook again and shocked for a lifetime at the price. Then buy two make up stuffs and almost drop tears :'(

Then went Watson and many many many place in Compass till around five Daniel gotta go. Omgz. Went to get PERKY brown lens with Nanaz and Brendon. LOL. Then went to eat for dinner.

We went to my house void deck there while I go home and get my wig out. In the end also didn't get to style the wig. Damn it. I gotta make the hairband, but I don't know when I got time. Tomorrow going out. Sat need already! I'm doomed! >x<

That's all for today.

P/s Starhub ppc is lousy. I can't send smses without failing and retrying again and again. And I can't receive smses till after an hour plus : )


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