Midnight runs

by - 5:07 AM

Yesterday went to work in the morning. Due to serious headache, woke up by mum around eight, but got into bad mood and went back to sleep. Woke up at nine, which I'm suppose to report at nine. Ended up texting to Brendon telling him to tell boss that I'll be late due to not feeling well. Reached there around going ten. Oh great!

After work went to slack at Compass with Xinyi and Brendon and had lunch with them. Once again, thanks Brendon and Xinyi for lens! And went home get change to meet with Sherlyn. Cab down to Cine to find her and her friends. Reached there around six plus, her another friend still haven't arrived. Waited for quite some time and slack with them till Candyheart was hungry, went up to had pasta. Haha.

Then went up top floor and see Candyheart's two guy friends, don't know their names, who blog them as 'Candyheart's friends', haha, went to pool. Candyheart and me sat there watching them played till the movie was showing soon.

Went down to watch Sherlock Holmes. But before the show even start, a no original-copy xia xue guy proposed to his girlfriends and took a long time. LOL. Stupid. The ads for like half an hour before the show actually begin. The show was two hours long, but was filled with action packs and stuffs. It was so nice can? I actually don't mind re watching it, you know. Haha.
Movie ended around 11.25PM and we went down the smoking area there again and sat there. Haha. Midnight then took a cab home. Candyheart and her two friends didn't went home when I went home. Got soon around 12.30AM. And went to bed like around going two and next day got work.

Which was today, and I was the earliest one to arrive. Thank me :)

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