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by - 3:50 AM

Twilight new moon. It's quite a nice show. There's love story and actions. Jacob is hot as ever. I like Bella's taste of weirdness. LOL! Edward is stone cold. Jacob is 109degree hot! I like Jacob only when he stop changing into a dog werewolf :X LOL! And I got pwned by Eugene by 'werewolve'. ROFL! Ahhh! One word, if you're a girl that loves action or love love thingy. Go catch it! I fancy buying myself one book and read it :) Although I think twilight was better though. Teehee.

4/5 stars :)

Planet 51. Watched today with Yuuki. It's alright. Not as funny as I thought. But very touching at the last part. I like that guy. ROFL! I only like the part when the towel drop, and they said the antenna was at a very weird place. Which actually they're looking at his dick .___. ROFL!


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