My personality! :D

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Today's post is about...

My personality! :D

Wanting to blog something interesting. Lol. Since I haven't been blogging much. But this is not a propaganda, alrights? Cause I asked many people. And you CAN state how's my personality like by commenting on my post. Thanks! But to those who don't know me, best to keep mean comments to yourself. Thanks!

Some I can quite agree, but got a few sounds not like me. I'm not loud and rad either :)

Nana says:

Noisy fan girl LOL.
random and krazy

LOL! Thanks! I agree so :)
Mio mio = Crazy? ToT

XT says:

Cool O: Easy to get along with HAHA

After much asking, she replied with..

Uh. Hmm. You're someone I can talk to whenever I'm down. O: Just that I prefer not to say. HAHA.

LOL! Thanks thanks! Love die you! :)

Daniel says:

Carefree easy going? Dun wanna let the burdens of this world hold you down?

Um, like try. But I don't think I am. Haha! Wrong! Beep!

Ding Chao says:

err friendly..

LOL . Thanks.

Xin Yi says:
talk a lot lo.
i can talk non stop with you one.

Haha! I'm non stop techno!

WanYi says:
shopping alot.
hungry easily.
okay okay helpful.
okay shang liang.
everyday happy de.
even though you quarrel me you wont be sad.

Oh.. Does always hungry count inside personality? :O

Brendon says:
sometimes abit dao.. words can't really say lah.

Thanks :) I agree sometimes I'm quite dao :O Daoster FTW!

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