Sot is Sot, don't make me poke you :D

by - 5:24 AM

Went to work as usual. Took all the instocks to the canteen. Chat with Joey for going an hour while working. Opps! ROFL. 1st pic, Xinyi bully Brendon. 2nd pic, chatting with Joey and took a pic of Brendon. HAHA!
Went to find XT at Hougang Plaza. How can you, as out SOT, go fam outing with the POKES :'( LOL. Then went lan with XT and Brendon. Me and Brendon played l4d2 and we were like yelling and laughing. I cheebai here and there and disiao XT's audi f2 screen thingy lah. Then went to eat with Brendon for two hours at Hougang Plaza there de kopitam. ROFL. Didn't know we ate for so long! Then went home already.
Tomorrow going Kbox at Ehub. Huatz!

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