Welcome 2010! Goodbye 2009, I'll miss you!

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Happy New Year to everyone!

It's a shame that school is reopening in in few days' time. Yeah, personaly felt that holidays went off quite fast. I got my pay already and I really miss working. The 1st ever easy pay job.

I went to kbox with Brendon, XT, Xinyi and Joey on Thursday at ehub. Sang till my throat is now currently still pain. Say goodbye to all fried food and spicy stuffs. It seems that I hasn't sang or even really listen to Chinese songs for ages! Kpops are now my life although I'm not fond of Super Junior cause many people like them. I rather stay with my G-Dragon ♥ Teehee!

Yeah, I did found GD's heartbreaker and breathe in kbox. Wonderful! But I can't find BEG's sign! Sad! Sorry Sorry and it's you are in too! But I can't find Big Bang's songs. Argh!

Then yesterday, the whole new year, went out with Brendon to acconpany him to cut his hair and went to Tamp to watch Avatar with Joey. Boring, yeah. Avatar wasn't as nice as I thought. Although I like the effects. Storyline was like.. normal. Still prefer my hot Sherlock! ♥

Then went to mac to eat with Brendon while Joey went home. Took 27 back home. And the side effects were back! Never book your tickets at AXS. Haha! We kept getting the 1st three rows. In the end no choice, took the 2nd row and it was one of the regretful choice ever. The screen BOOMZ in our face and we feel like puking and headache were all over us!

And I can't really watch it like other moives. I kept looking around and I saw a guy behind sleeping. LOL! And don't ever buy GV cheeze pasta! It stinks and it sucks. Haha! And they tried to fake us by giving us a plastic-made metal looking spoon! Haha!

Then went home around 11plus and mum was nagging as usual. Didn't really enjoy 2009 holidays. I prefer 2008 holidays, which only myself understand why. Or maybe Brendon knows.

Looking forward to after Olevels. I'm so going to work like a bull! But now.. Just let me hurry finish my homework, which.. I think I go watch some drama 1st :X


Goodbye 2009! I'll remember you.

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