Bringing the memories back home .

by - 4:43 AM

HELLO! I'm BACK! School started like 2weeks ago already. Time really flies. I swear to really work hard, but I'm still in slacker mode. Gotta hurry get out of it!!!
Went to Compass Point yesterday with Marcus, Brendon, XT and Donovan. Ate at pizza hut, I'm turning into a fat pig soon! ><>

Going to watch Hi My Sweetheart, copy POA notes and maths notes. Hopefully can got time to copy all.

P/S I top up my ppc already. And I lost all your numbers, so sms me your number. Thankyou!

Erm, can someone remind me to get my notes back from Mr Tan tomorrow or my test on Thursday will be a goner D: LOL .

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