It's all about studies again.

by - 5:59 AM

Don't worry, tumblr posts are not quite the same as here :) So there's something interesting and the force to pull you here is back again!

Oh before that, happy one year four months with Superman. Thanks for Strepsils today. Throat still pain. Not really good today.

School is a bored. Very tired. Not going to learn English vocab and let's die tomorrow. Today actually dun intent to go to school, till Mrs Hwee sms me asking me to come school and I pissed off with my mum so I went to school instead of seeing her face. Yeah. LOL!

I can only remember that Maths lesson was boring and I'm gonna fall asleep. And I can't believe that my favourite Cheong phy lesson was making me sleep. But not as bad as Maths. LOL. POA also another one I can't take it. Keep copying notes, and I copied VERY slow. So I was left behind. Don't care. I lacked behind in history as I was late for school. 845 reached school. Zai right? LOL!

So... I lacking of hist and poa notes.. Okay okay.

Then remedial for Maths was slacking. See Alvis do d&t and we two copied ck's work -.- At least I know how to do some parts. Plus rushing to next lesson, Chinese. And during all the while was chatting with Nanaz and didn't really listen to anything. I'm doomed, I don't know how to write prasing letter. And why should I know how? I don't think I will ever write that in Olevels or in my whole life. LOL!

Then went to find Elliot and Brendon to let Elliot teach POA then went to Compass eat yoshinoya and XT and Brendon went home. Then went up library learn POA and got home around 930. I'm very tired now :'(

p/s tumblr will be just short updates ONLY. Pictures not related in my posts here are all there :D I finally found a place to write little notes and throw all pictures there :D

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