Once again!

by - 9:09 AM

Wow! People do love to read complain posts right? I was quite astounded by the number of readers in just a few hours. But I'm glad my blog is alive and in your mind. I was quite pissed what we didn't get to go Sentosa and loss for words.
Anyways, my sister just wrote a letter to request me to quit Choir. Hey, I'm just starting to enjoy Choir. But under all this kind of pressure, I can't do anything with all my inabilities. But it's alright, I won't be performing this Chinese New Year. Well, at least save a face for not getting xiasway.
Alright! This post is just a short notice to thank all those people who read my blog. Some might get upset over what I wrote, some might have totally agree in the sense that I have just said out their hearts. Haha!
And lastly before I end this post, I wanted to say that I finally get that stupid import and export thingy out of my fb! It's just like irritating whenever you update your blog once and it will pop up in my profile and on the homepage of manys. It's just plain annoying. Haha!

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