Singing is our passion, but we don't include you - Part II

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Here's a little short post to update what's happening in my wonderful CCA now :) CHOIR! I skipped Choir on Friday. Don't ask me why. I'll tell you what happen on Wednesday.

I didn't go for POA remedial, again. I think I'm lagging quite behind already. But someone said that if we didn't go Choir, someone has the ability to summon Mr Tan down to our class and kick us out of our remedial classes and down to CCA. Sad can!

Then we just found out that we got scam! Scam! Scam! Oh no! Scam! CAUSE THERE IS SUPPOSE TO BE CONDUCTOR THERE! BUT IN THE END HE FAILURE TO TURN UP AND WE WERE CONTROLED BY -toot- and two more -toot- I don't wanna say the names and two of them I also know nothing about their names. And they know mine! Duh, I'm famous what! HAHA!

Then they told us to sing songs for CNY. Then we sang. They played those mediacorp people sing ones and showed us the videos. Normal people see Dai Yang Tian, 'Wu Ji' and that fatherless guy.. Wait I can't remember his name. OH! Huang Jun Xiong Xiong! :D We sure yell like fangirls mode liddat right? Plus there's gay Darren, youngster Shawn Tok, mighty Ben, yilin-like zheng ning and chio bu Keely and more okay. Sure act like one gone nuts, right?

Then we sang so loudly that even Nanaz, Chanel and Linnet can say they heard us sing. But we got pulled out from performing cause they said we didn't sang at all. We tried to reason with 'them' and it turned out that it got worst. Charmaine and Jeslyn just said time to go. We left then Charmaine actually went back and wanna explain to them. But the head refuse to listen, but at least one is kind enough to let Charmaine said what she wants.

The thing is that they claimed that we didn't sing. We told them we did. And in fact we sang so loud. Then they tried to find problems with us that it's our attitude towards Choir. I'm like... hello? If I had that attitude I won't have die die come Choir and missed my POA remedial right? And fyi, we are the only seniors that make Choir lively. Without us, choir = dead. ROFL!

Well, I'm kinda out of Choir since I can't perform, that concludes that I've lesser CCA points and if I get 1point, what for I go? I'm getting out of this mess. Kthxbai.

p/s Charmaine might be getting detention for shouting at them D: OMG! Sad ):

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