Singing is our passion, but we don't include you :D

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Hey people! It's been long since I complain and rant about things do I? So here's something for me to complain again!

Well, I don't really wanna be a complain(so what if I am?) but this person is totally pointless and stupidity kill her. LOL!

Erm, I won't mention the name, but I'm sure some of you guy might know this person :D

It goes like this:

It was the wonderful school day and I got pulled to Choir. Yeah, choir. And I thought remedial lessons haven't start so I went for it. Actually in mind I thought there will be instructor teaching us, but to my astonishment, there wasn't. It's been months that Choir has been rotting and our previous instructor got scared off by us.(not really, it's her maybe :D)

Then I go just to take choir thinking that I can finally get another tee apart from 2bagus one. I got there to see cloth for cleaning at every year end. You know when school force you to clean up your classroom every end of the year? Right, that one.

I was loss for words alright? If you wanna see, I think I upload the tee to my fb and tumblr. It's rubbish bull shit. There was not all, we went there and saw good old pals, so chat for awhile and getting high. What's wrong with that? Are we some choir that sing for funeral? No right? Why want us to stay silent and when we did, this person still continue to techno us with funny mix techno that make most of the not-so-serious sec four laugh. That include Jeslyn too :D

If you don't get it, it means that 'she' is nagging non-stop, blasting her irritating voice, it was like bombing Pearl Harbor or worst! D:

Then we try to be serious but she keep continue and she threatened us if we don't want the CCA points, we can get out of choir. Okay, really..(main part is here)

CCA points for what? I don't intent to go JC. FYI poly can't use CCA points to get into the courses I want. Plus you think you're so big? Hello, be good to us alright? Without us, you're just a normal teacher that no one like, although everyone hate you now too. But without us, you're not even a CCA teacher. And you're not fit to be one too. All the previous choir are way better than you.

  • We got bronze for SYF, you didn't request the school to bring us oversea, not even Sentosa alrights?
  • You beautify the choir tee so that we can use it to clean our dusty classroom,
  • you techno and scold us if if 2012 is tomorrow :D
  • You threaten us almost all the starting of choir about our CCA points
  • You can't support this choir
  • You can't find a good instructor (recent one not counted cause we have no yet bond with him)
  • You take 5menstruation periods to get our tee done badly.
  • You don't listen to us, and you can't hear us.
  • You don't even care for us, hurt us deeply by asking us to wear table cloth! T.T
  • There's no bonding sessions for choir.
  • Our photos got tear down by some rapist and you did NOTHING.
  • You don't let us choose how we want our tee to be
  • You don't let me put 'ANGELUS' for my tee,
  • You don't know how to choose font

LOL. There are more.. But.. YOU DIDN'T BRING US TO SENTOSA!!!! Quite pissed. Oh.. And, you told my sister you will get back to her to tell her how much CCA points I've got. It's been 3days, are you too busy with countdown of 2012 end of the world or are you too busy being an 阿凡哒?

I got nothing more to say that it been great knowing you as my Choir teacher and I hope you can continue to do so that we can start fascism and dispose you this democratic leader that did nothing just like the Japanese Diet that is simply useless.

Forget it, I'm too history. LOL.

Wonder why you have boyfriend. Or is it your boyfriend is Cedric? :D

Mr Tan told us that CCA points is for JC only. And for JC, CCA points is used for appealing, not going in. So it's a 50-50% chance that you might not get in to the school you want. And that's only for JC. Poly? You can go home sleep if you wanna go in Poly with CCA points :D And ite? You don't even study also can get in -.-

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