SOOC 2010 :)

by - 3:40 AM

Didn't get to meet with Joanne with XT and Brendon that day cause something happen. No mood to go too. So since it was raining, I stayed back with Joey in school to watch Sec one camp fire just like last year. Haha. It seems so fun, I feel like being a student leader and help out, but this year is Olevel year, so I throw away this mind set.

Then went home halfway since it was getting boring.

I really misses my sec one time. Look at me now, I'm sec four taking my Olevels in just a few months time. Time really flies. I'm too old for this stuffs already? Haha.

p/s This sentence still stuck in my head, and I hope it stay there forever.

"If you can't put Olevel in your mind, ONLY Olevels, you can't do well."

I totally agree so. Yesterday and the day before I didn't use computer right? Haha. And I don't audi already. If I manage to get computer really out, that's best. Go online only to blog and log off :)

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