The great reason to MIA

by - 5:59 AM

Sorry people, this few weeks will be MIA-ing blog. Due to the stress that are already here and more stress coming as O level gets nearer. I know I gotta study REAL hard, so I might be blogging lesser than normal.

Plus currently mu sister doesn't allow me to use computer. That's one of the hardest things on Earth. Yeah, so you might be wondering how can I use it now. Simply because she have not reach home yet. So I gotta go already. This computer wasted my time that I could have possibly study finish all my phrases needed for English test tomorrow. My computer is super lag now. I wonder why. D:

OH! In addition, a very important note for those who know me. 18more days to you-know-what ^ ^ *hint hint*

That's all. Gotta rush mad to study English! And I'm dead tired right now. And everyday.

p/s I left my POA textbook in school. I'm doomed! D:

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