School The Cathay is YOURS & MY 2nd home!

by - 5:06 AM

Thinking of where to go and spent you Sunday? Not to worry! Cause..

The Cathay is here for you! The place for play, savour, splurge :)
Wait! Shopping mall too big for you? I'm your online tour guide!

Hmmm, you ask me if I go The Cathay where will I go?? UH HUH!
Well for me.. I will head for the food duh~ :)

Come come, mummy bring you there. It's #02-12 don't get lost or no ice cream for you :D

Next? Where can a young innocent me go with all my little young friends? E2Max@TheCathay!

SIAO SIAO SIAO~!!!! I think normally I will take about 3hours or more to play can :)
Then go to... SHOPPING!! :)

I'll pull people to shop with me even if they don't want to. TEEHEE!

OMG OMG! Black Alice! For a crazy otaku like me plus I like all this gothic gothic and dollife stuffs, I'll sure rush there like mad and see see. Don't you think so?

It's just on level four unit nine :) GO GO GO!! I feel like going there now can? But now night time, how can?? :'(

Then go down to DressCode at level one and get clothes from Hong Kong~ No bad uh?~ Or you can go egg3, I think it's not a bad place to shop ^.-

Sadly, I'm slow at shopping. Time for Dinner!!

Don't expect me going to 7elven ans eat although there's one (:
WE GO B1-24 OKAY?! :) BRENDON GET TO TREAT US! (joking!)

New York Pizza is loved!

Although I said The Cathay is our 2nd home, but sadly we gotta go home :'(
(Go again next week!)

So, JOIN NOW! :)
My trip is sure gonna be fun~
click click click! :)

p/s i think i did badly for this post :'(too tired!) *yawn* night!

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