Didn't see that coming! D:

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BUTT - JESLYN TEH :) Sorry, one day late to post here. Yesterday was too busy rushing maths ten years series, but in the end also can't finish. Got damn it.

Oh no! Mr pTan have a little chat with me this evening. He was super concern about my results. Yeah, I did put in a lot of effort for term 1, yet there's no result. Why?! It still remains the same. Oh well, at least I didn't drop any grades.. right?

My L1R5 is around like Brendon's. But he failed 2subjects and I only failed my Maths. I hate Maths! But I'm really trying to improve in it now. Trigo mostly remembered already. But the test Mr Ong gave to us on 3D one, I can't do! I got tricked! I didn't know it was 90degree. I can't see it! Yep, didn't see that coming. Normal questions from Trigo mostly can do, know when to apply which rule also. It's just that I can't remember the rules well enough, plus the one that Mr Ong modify for us for cosine rule, I can't remember it! Gotta ask someone to tell me or I've to check my worksheets.

Oh, tomorrow is Sport's Day. This year I'm not attending. I've this serious headache although this is my last year in school. Sec 1 didn't attend due to my stupid CCA. Sec 2 was a boring one, I guess. I can't even remember anything about that year's Sport's Day. I enjoyed the most is Sec 3 when me and Jeslyn exposed Hoon Teng's love for this particular guy, not to mention name yah.

Yeah I know my blog is rotting like mad, so next post will be pictures and pictures and more pictures that will make your computer hangs and beg me for mercy :)

p/s c'mon I didn't photoshop my face okay~ Too tired to do those nonsense. I only crack photoshop for cosplay purposes and to make fun to beautify people's face.

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