The Jack Neo affair(s)

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Second woman claims tryst with veteran film-maker

DAYS after a 22-year-old freelance model spilled her two-year affair with Singapore's most successful film-maker Jack Neo, a second woman has stepped forward with more claims of sexual liaisons with the veteran director.

In an interview Monday with Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao, 25-year-old Foyce Le alleged that Neo had sexually harassed her when she was a member of his actor entourage, known as 'Liang Jia Ban'.

Le, described by the Chinese daily as 'sexy' and drawing comparisons with Hong Kong pop star beauty Coco Lee, claimed the 50-year-old Cultural Medallion recipient wooed her aggressively in her one-year stint with the group.

She said Neo promised to groom her into the next Fann Wong, and even booked a hotel room so that they could spend 'quiet and private' time together to 'get to know each other better', the paper said.

This claim comes in the wake of part-time model Wendy Chong breaking news of her two-year tryst with Neo to reporters over the weekend.

Revealing lurid details of their meetings in an interview with Shin Min Daily News, Chong claimed the pair had sex in Neo's car just a month after she met him at a movie audition in 2008.

Neo has admitted to the affair with Chong, expressing remorse and blaming himself for the incident.

His wife, Madam Irene Kng, has remained calm over the scandal, saying she had known about him straying for some time now and has forgiven him. Since the media blitz, she has moved the whole family out of their home and is staying temporarily at an undisclosed location, reported Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao.

So.. What's your view about it? My class has been talking about it in class and stuffs. Haha, it becomes a common topic to talk about :)

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