I hate to think of a title -.-

by - 8:55 AM

Morning got this history milestone. I pick question to learn and both of them were the right one! LOL! But I can't finish one SBQ question. Okay.. I got my history package for revision! Hahah! Yay! Wow, I think there's more essays to learn ): And I forgot all the essays I studied yesterday D: LOL! I missed a few evidences! ):
Then went home to bath and get changed. Went out to meet XT and Brendon to go for POA tuition. There there, XT did something really stupid. She asked Brendon how to take out sim card for iphone. Then Brendon took it out for her. Then she wanna put it in herself, we thought she knew how. It's supposely to place your sim card on this little chip and push it in. But XT went to push her sim card deep right down. Without the chip. LOL! Then Brendon turned and saw and was horrify by her stupidity. LOL!
Yeah, we tried to use pencil to pull it up, but failed. I advise them to bring it down to the starhub shop and ask. Then XT was scare to ask me to help her ask that guy at the counter. That guy asked why XT do that. I replied: "Cause my friend is stupid." LOL!!!! I did that! Opps! Then that guy tried to pull it up abit. But didn't manage to pull everything up. Nevermind. Then went to Singtel, they don't even wanna try can! Damn them! -.-
Then I asked XT to buy eyebrow thingy to pull it up. I clever right! LOL! But Brendon said no use and said use tape can already. Then in the end wasted money on it and can't pull it up. Then went to POA tuition.
XT xiasway moi today. A LOT OF TIMES.
Then POA was alright. But was abit bored. Why most POA teachers teach till I wanna sleep? Elliot teach okay leh. Why uh? LOL!!! He teach more interesting I guess. But I still wanna sleep. LOL! Lack of sleep. It's now 12.21AM. SUNDAY!!! I WASTED MY DAYS DOING NOTHING!!! Well... watching some dumb youtube videos. Dave is hot! :D Charlie is not :) LOL! Sad, Dave's mind is filled with Miley. HAHAHA!
Then after POA tuition, XT and Brendon went to Tamp to get her iphone fix, which apperanly they said they can't do it and XT went home and her mum managed to get it out -.-
And I went to find Nanaz to have dinner with her at Ajisen. LOL! Yay! I returned Kirisaki money already! Super happy! Told ya I'll return it by April~ Whooo~! HAHAH!
Okay, I've this bad throat infection.. Now I ate chilli, fried food like fried tofu and fishballs and chickens just now. And I'm eating curry puff. How good is that? I'm seriously dead. And I haven't touch any of my homework! Although I only done one journal entry. Okay, I know and I kept telling myself I don't wanna go ite. But I'm not working hard enough.
So, I'm gonna quickly finish eating my puff and eat some water and wash my blardy face and get cracking on my maths tys! And time check! It's 12.26AM now! D:

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