Mood swings

by - 9:26 AM

I been slacking. I been so tired that I don't wanna care anymore. I just wanna sleep forever. My mood is swinging nowadays. Everything don't really matter to me already. Incidents kept happening to me or in school that impact my life. I do not wish to be involved in this. But sometimes you are in. People having mood swings impact quite a lot on me. I fake a big smile sometimes in school. Sick and tired of my life. This is bullshit. Some people just don't wanna get on with their life and stay here and drag me down too. I just wanna sleep. Yes, sleep. I don't have this motivation for studying like in term two. Seven more days to prelim. I have not revise. I have not been studying too. I have piles of homeworks not finish. In fact, I don't think I learn much this term. To add on, people made me don't have the mood to study. But also I made myself not to study cause I didn't force myself. My engine overworked. Gah!

Unless it's motivating me or I text you. Don't text me. I already lost most of my friends' numbers.

p/s I really home sick everyday.
p/s/s Gah! My pix has this fake smile -.-

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