Swesens causes stomachache D:

by - 2:30 AM

Alright, here goes! It's been ages since I really blog. And here one! :)
Yesterday went out to collect something that Nanaz had bought. And just as we get there, the person said it had not arrive yet. What a day right? Then we stay there and order somemore things. Then we train down to Chinatown and went Pan In The Box. Nanaz brought KHR art book. What a rich kid ): Then we ate our dinner at swensens. And we ordered a lot of food. The waiter got a shock of a lifetime. Really!

Then ice cream time! Oh, I forgot to take the food pix down. Nvm, I know you're still jealous of my ice cream!

And Nanaz is always a shy kid. HAHA!

Random pix, my mum buy this for me today and wanted to cook them as dinner for me. So cute~ So I took a pix down :)

Okie, next post will be up soon on my Sway April D:

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  1. 人必須心懷希望,才會活的快樂,日子才過得充實,有意義,有朝氣,有信心。........................................

  2. 谢谢你们的金玉良言!我会加油的!