Where's my lady luck?

by - 8:47 AM

Hey guys! I've been down luck for weeks. April is sooo not my month. Why?
1. my blog got famous again, full with spammers.
2. starhub is freaking lag.
3. my sch has teachers that gave attitude and do not want to teach us.
4. my sch is mad, study till 7pm everyday.
5. homework piles up yet teachers expect us to revise for exams at the same time.
6. self study is not working. Freaking wasted my one hour. And three hours on Fridays which I could sleep.
7. my face has this BIG ZIT right on my nose and it hurts and it's attracting the wrong attention!
8. people just keep looking at my ZIT!
9. people are talking about my ZIT!
10. they still talk about my ZIT!
11. i'm hungry.
12. i have not change out of my sch uniform.
13. i missed one day of sch due to lack of sleep and headache and ZIT yesterday.
14. stupid ptan scolded me today for no fuck reasons.
15. i'm suppose to go to bed which i have poa tuition in the morning tomorrow.
16. six more days to my prelim which i have not revise nor do anything to prepare for it.
17. i wasted my whoel term 2.
18. i felt i learn anything this term.
19. the weather is freaking hot
20. it causes me to have headache.
21. it drives me crazy.
22. my classroom air con not working!!!
23. my class stinks!
24. my class is dirty!
25. i wanna go to bed now!
26. my family does not care enough for me everyday nag at me expect me to do what they said when i can't even complete my own work -.-
27. nightz!

p/s i wish my heaty-ness will go away and no more zits! ='(

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