Intensive Chinese

by - 8:59 AM

Chinese Intensive has come to an end. Really enjoy school so much for the 1st time, exclusive of the weather. Chinese intensive can sit with Charmaine, Nanaz and Yilin! We have class room fun too! What a nice sch week~ But after our monday Chinese Olevel, our life will turn into something horrorify! I can't believe. June holidays gotta stay focus on studying and no social life!

Something BIG, not really, happened to XT and Xinyi. What's going on? I've no idea. Kinda confuse too. I just remembered that I missed my Zack and Cody again this week. I misses my Zack. He's damn hot!

Spend this whole weekend at home, thanks to the stupid weather which caused me having two extra pimples! Agh. Plus my scar has not recovered since decades ago! Wth.

Last two days been massive downloading Kpop! Slept at one plus and even late for one of the days! But good thing was I got away from running! Told Major Ho I got paper need to take. Lucky am I? :)

2nd last day of Chinese intensive, nanaz didn't came to sch. Charmaine and Yilin carried me around the school. Damn fun~ Yilin one more shiok! Seriously. Opps!

Last day of Chinese intensive I borrowed camera from Brendon and we took many epic videos down! Yilin had a lot of actions! I'll upload those next time, have not get the photos from Brendon.

Updated my blog with this little box on the right. You can ask me anything :) I can choose not to reply you too, but mostly I'll reply :)

p/s 这次是死娜娜跑去睡觉先乐!

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