Too much labours!

by - 9:18 AM

Wow, it seems like Chinese New Year just ended weeks ago. No, it's May already! I been studying like a slave for months. Yes, slacking this pass few weeks too. I got really tired recently. Reach home, bath and use computer. LOL!

Just don't feel like doing homework. I know I should do. My maths been MIA and so do my Physic. My brain is just not working. I mean, c'mon give me a break! I think I suffered enough! Look! I rewarded myself with a zit now. What now?

Plus I'm trying to study smart. Yes, self study is not working I must insist on that again. It's like my brain is not working. Can I survive till the end?

I feel I just entered this competition that fight for your own survivial. Fun right? Studying is such a fun thing that every students are law to go. :)

Yep, on the other hand, I should stop ranting here. I know you guys are sick and tired of school life, esp those sec4 students. We need your pain!

It's labours' day today! I still need to wake up super early for my POA tuition which is normally in the afternoon. I wondered why the aunty wanna change to morning. I'm not a morning person and I can't work in the morning. Brain just can't function well. As usual, I am late. Brendon gave me this fuck up attitude. C'mon, last week you're late too. I didn't even said a thing right? Plus XT was still at home and you just keep rushing me that I forgot to bring my calculate.

Reached there and everyone blames me for being late. Whatever, don't give a damn. Then I'm suppose to meet Nanaz-star- (LOL!) at 3pm to go collect her... I suppose she doesn't want me to blog 'bout it too! Haha! Then in the end the aunty continue taught and gave us do questions till four plus five. Then I rushed to find Nanaz-star(LOL again)

Then I went to the bloody wrong block of house, thanks to the bloody hand of the security guard, pointed wrong direction. Then got up around five plus. Joke 'round and made a new friend there and see Nanaz-star(WTH) other side of hair. Inside joke :P

Then went down to Hougang Mall and just happened to see Winona Nee-san there!!!!~ She went to collect something too. Ahem! Yeah she called me when I was with Nanaz but I thought she left. LOL!

Then she gotta go. ): Nanaz and me go Waston and buy my pimple stickers ♥ Hopefully my zit will go away~ *prays* You should pray for me too :D LOL!!!

Then she bought a lot of things! Then we passed Popular and she went in there and bought a lot of albums too! Must to kpop, duh~

Then we passed Comic Connections. She was tempted to buy comics. In the end she gave in to temptations and I think she got herself six books? HAHAHA!!

Then she needs to go to her family BBQ. I need to go home and blog :)
She just called me and told me the good news! OUR K-ON! TEAM IS OFFICIALLY FORMED! :D Jealous sibo? *wink* :P

I shall go have a sweet dream about it! :D Night guys!

p/s anything comment on my post. Don't use the tagboard. It's kinda dirty right now. Fill with spammers :) Ciaosu~

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