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Elderly. Yes yes... That's why! Is youngsters nowadays respecting them? They can be respected? And before you think of anything else...

Issue one:
Angelus was sick with high fever. She walked to her school bus stop located quite far if you walk from the bigger gate. She walked pass her school new sport hall. She was looking at it and suddenly something BIG bang into her! She was sick! So she felt the pain. She was too shocked to speak anything. She turned and saw this old man on bike.

Uncle ccb: 哇老,小妹妹。你走路不看路是吗?(he is blaming me for not looking out for him)
Uncle ccb:哎呀,你走路要看这里嘛!( he is blaming me again for me looking at his direction and gave way to him)

Angelus just walked as she was dazed. She suddenly thought why must she be blame? It's not her fault! That uncle did not ring a bell at her!

Then she saw the uncle ride pass her. She got so damn pissed off.

Me: 他妈的!痛leh!你不会铃我一下吗? (I then saw he don't not even have a bell)
Me: 没有铃的话去买一个啦!

He was gone before I can scold more. Goddammit!

Firstly, I know it's my fault for not growing another pair of eyes at the left side of my head. He was damn irritating alright? It's his fault!

I was a biker before. I ring at some deaf-like people and they did not respond. I rang like 5metres before near them, usually. And if they are almost deaf, I would yell over, "HELLO, SIAM LA!" LOL .

Now, I should tell you about my own made up version if that ever happen to me again. You can use it if that happen to you! :)

BANG! *ouch!* What happen? Saw this old man.

Uncle ccb: 哇老,小妹妹。你走路不看路是吗?
Uncle ccb:哎呀,你走路要看这里嘛!

Push him off the bike and say this:

Me: Nabei, knn, ccb 痛leh! 你撞人还要怪人?不要脸!你找死吗?去死吧!push him down the bike again.
Me: 生病的人很好欺负是吗?没有玲就别学人家骑脚车啦!你老妈!

Point him middle finger! Best is to push him off the bike and take his bike and ride off! :) and throw it down a drain or a big hole!

Really, this issue does concern about Singapore. We must have manners but some people are just getting on your nerves. It's like ants crawling all over your body! ARGH.

Xueting met with something like this! More info you can go read her blog:
Thursday, May 13, 2010

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