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Today was totally a spoiler itself. Went to the bloody history milestone early morning, was late by a few minutes. Began to do the test. I forgot that I didn't study.. I sat next to Evelyn. It was one of the most frightening experience ever! You can watch her doing all the SBQs. She rushed all the way, wrote very fast. She was on the next page while I was still writing 1/3 of the paper. It was super fast, you can never imagine it!

After the test, Charmaine, Brendon, XT and me went to Rivervale Mall to have our fully-filled breakfast at kopitam. Then we went to daiso and shop for hours. -.- I know! And I saw Charmaine's epic fail scenes many times! Most funny one was the prank that Brendon did on her, the bloody insect. LOL! It was with her all the while, the toy insect, she didn't know it till she went to the counter to pay money and the insect drop on the floor and she saw it drop. It hit the floor and three seconds later, she started yelling like mad and the public all look at her as if she had lost her senses. Joke!

Then XT wanted me and Brendon to go to her house to study SS and play awhile at the playground. I agreed, and the most failure thing happened.

Elliot called me and asked me to go for his tuition today. XT was furious as she said she booked me first. Then I went home and used facebook. Got pissed off with Daryl and told XT. She went to facebook and scolded him real bad. LOL! Then Xiu Yun called me and told me the exciting story. Xiu yun also scolded Daryl and in the end Daryl deleted all of us from facebook and scolded XT as keyboard warrior. Funny people in this world that I can never understand.

Then I asked XT to choose a time slot to go her house, but she got pissed off. Then Brendon called and tell her later meet.

I'll skip the rest. I didn't meet with Brendon and he got angry with me too. Then went to Compass with XT, Brendon and Elliot. Then XT pissed off with me cause I wanna go eat. I asked her where to eat, she had no idea. Same as me. Then Elliot asked me go eat and didn't called XT. So she angry with me and walked off. Then in the end all my fault. Too lazy to write. No mood to write.

Then went home in anger. Spoilt mood. Then I hate myself for keep thinking of this stupid lame issue that I forgot to watch my fucking motherbitches ghost whisperer. Damn it. Till now, I'm still quite pissed. ARGH!

And the fucking xie ming ming is making me pissed off. Irritating motherbullfucking bitch. I think I watched too much peter chao already.

Chao O Sai motherfuckers.

p/s i'll be posting small updates and pictures at my tumblr page. Do visit!

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