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Sorry guys, for not posting up blog posts as much as I want to. It's not as if I don't want to. Blame it to my 2nd sister who childishly stolen my keyboard and mouse! LOL!
Went to the bloody useless self study cause it was Brendon's birthday and we celebrated Brendon's birthday. So good right? My birthday was sucky man. Everything we buy for Brendon was all pink! The cake was pink, the knife was pink.. all was pink! I buy the drinks okay! No joke! Cause a bomb for a poor kid like me! LOL!

Mr ptan's cake(left) & my cake(right)
See the size. HAHAHAH!!!
I slacked the whole day can! Shahid was singing Run Devil Run all day that I can't do my work. Brendon was sitting there.. doing.. I've no idea. XT and PPA went to lan after lunch. So good! If that day Elliot didn't ask me to go find me, I would have already gone with them alright!
I been slacking for the whole month of June! Yay me!

Anyways, yesterday~ I went out, again. -.-
We were suppose to meet Brendon and Donovan at 1pm but I woke up around 12.15pm and laze in bed for quite a long time. I got up and text Fionna and found out after I bath, that she just woke up. HAHA! Yay us! Then we told Brendon to go find XT at Marina first, but he insisted on waiting for us.
I met up with Nanaz at 'round 2.30PM and took a cab there. Marina, I've so long not been there! We went to Seoul Garden to eat and the best thing was that we didn't smell or even taste like them afterwards!
Then those 3 fellows went to the arcade after lunch while me and Nanaz went outside to find a good of sky to take photos. AHA! But we failed to do so. Instead, we took photo with a tree.. -.-
Oh! I haven't told you guys that this outing was suppose to celebrate Brendon's birthday, again. Time for rants, why does he get two celebrations while I get none?! You count, one, TWO! I can't barely count mine!! What's this?!
Get back to the point, we met up again for a moive called "Knight & Day" and seriously, I don't mind watching it again cause it's a great show! Tom Cruise is fucking hot in there and I swear it was damn funny! Esp the clothes part. HAHA! But I still don't really get it with the title.. What's with the "day"? I know what's "knight" but I'm not gonna be a spoiler to spilt everything right here. :)
Okay, what about today? I woke up and prepared for tuition and then went for tuition and got home around 5plus. Walked around my house and used computer, which was supposely to use for researching but clearly it wasn't right now, till now. Which is why I hate and love computer and internet so much! Lt3!
I'm very pissed off right now cause my mum fucking can't cook. I ate lunch at six, yes SIX! Guess what I ate? A plate of fucking plain rice and an egg. Actually there was no egg. It was fried the very last minute when I was about to finish a plate of dry rice! Seriously, I was, no I am very fed up! My dinner?! I been waiting for hours!! Stupid mother has been watching the stupid "Ai" on TV. Really, someone needs to complain and remove it down. It's polluting the minds of all mothers, aunties, uncles, dogs, cats, and fishes. I really can't stand it! I'm super hungry and right now, she is talking to my elder sister happily while I'm fucking starving to the core. This is not a good diet for a growing up kid like ME!
Oh, I just remembered, today is Satuaday! Which means 10more mins, it's time for Ghost Whispherer! I've been waiting for this for so long, so long~ Seriously.

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