If tiredness doesn't exist

by - 10:18 AM

I keep on this POA intensive training for 2weeks already. I think it’s super tiring. Right after school everyday, I gotta rush home to change and rush off to meet Elliot. I’m like so damn tired alright! My eyes just keep closing and I don’t have the mood for anything! Everything!
Today ghost whisperer was kinda boring.. although I suddenly realized that I keep falling in love with ang mo guys. Must be thanks to davedays and justin bieber! I saw this cartoon, not really cartoon, more like a kids show which is something like those spy stuffs on okto today. I was like in love with this cute guy that looks rather like my age. Nope, I think he’s 15. But I hope the show was long time ago, so he must be 17 or 18 now! Haha!

There’s this funny thing. I didn’t notice JB break voice till Xiu Yun told me few days before. Then I went to on “Never Say Never” that I been listening all night. It was then I realized his voice changed. More manly! Haha! But he’s still as cute as ever! *hugs* Yeah I can’t hug him!! *hugJBcardboard*
I can't stand the myob thing anymore! It's like so hard alright? Good thing I can remember few of the steps down. I'm best with the spending of money part! Just go bank and spend everything! Any company next time wanna hire me, be careful~ haha! I'm just joking. But seriously, I've something more funny to tell you guys!
I was adding in the additional capital for one of the case given. It was suppose to be $30,000. Guess how much I keyed in. $300,000. After I was able to finish it, I can't reconcile it! Then I asked PPA's "brother" to help me. He can't find what's the problem until Jeremy suggested that I typo. Then he took quite awhile to find it. When he did, he was laughing at my stupidity. Damn it! I can never be an accountant. Forget it, I just wanna be a boss. This type of 'easy' stuffs can leave it to my workers. Haha!
Beside that, I went to school on a wonderful(can sleep later) Saturday morning. Damn it. I reached around 8.17AM and finished the bloody hell mock exam by 9plus. I was one of the first to finish, which shocked me cause I anyhow do it and I can reconcile it! Woooow~! I facebooked all the way till 11.45AM till the instructor finally lets us off. Phew! What a day! Wasted my whole morning from beauty sleep. I actually wanna watch my Korean Drama replay just now at five, but I was so tired that I fell asleep and missed it! Oh, and my shark boy and lava girl! I manage to watch the buzz lightyear which I already got the disc somewhere at home. I watched it over and over again when I was in primary school. To infinity and beyond! I like those cute tiny green men AKA aliens. They are so cute, really! We are oneeeeeee~ HAHAHA!
Alright, gotta go off to watch some youtube videos already! STOP LAUGHING AT MY 300,000k ALREADY!
p/s look at Brendon's epic fail face! TEEHEE!

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